the art of simeon schatz

Squarespace Designed Websites

Sam Forencich is the team photographer for the Portland Trailblazers. Sam is also renowned for his time lapse work, and video documentary film making.

Working with other photographers and artists in general, is an honor that I take seriously. The display of people’s life works take many forms, but all will require a deep sense of design nuance and detailed production craft to ensure smooth and a satisfying user experiences.

City View Import is a small business in Eugene Oregon, who needed their unique story told. The refreshing way they deal with customers and their auto repair business are rare and old fashion.

Learning about them first hand after my vehicle needed a repair while on a road trip across the country, I am a fan for sure (or an alternator as it were). I always enjoy showing up with a camera, and then designing a website as a result of that meeting.

I learned about Julie and her son Henry from a friend in Bend. They were starting an adventure foods company, with a really great vision—to make health conscious dehydrated meals that actually taste amazing. I had to know how I might bring my photography and web design to their efforts.

Shortly after we launched, I trained them to use their Squarespace site to extend their control of the brand and incoming user content streams. They are managing their site well, I remain as administrator in the background for support.

Compass Physical Therapy

All to often a professional business becomes stuck with an outdated website, with little, or no access, or knowledge of how to update their own content. Things can and do snowball from there… so when I come into the picture, I really love bringing the world of Squarespace to a business that desperately needs to plug in and be found.

This business needed a modern simple-to-navigate website, because people looking for them are usually in pain, or about to be (speed and ease informed the design). We worked to design and tell their story. To visually speak to local patients on the benefits of calling the practice for PT.



Las Cascadas Lodge, Honduras

I work closely with businesses and managers over Skype and email to produce travel and destination websites. These sites include interactive booking technology embedded into pages, and training to manage daily content streams and basic updates.

The idea that a business in remote locations can compete on the modern stage is something I have a great interest in. Modernizing web based marketing efforts and becoming discovered, allows visitors to see and make better choices that will impact their travel experiences.

This also elevates local, and distant perceptions, which can increase business. Just having a modern website, works to show people what you have for them—digital revenue generators, where once there were none. Lots of options.



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