Derrellz began on cassette tape


Derrellz Improvisational Music

All Music Original and Was Recorded One Time

The Derrellz is a music project from 2000 to 2016

It was January of 2000 when I bought my first drum set, a $100 Slingerland kit (thanks Emily!). The kit was kind of sparse, so to fill in the gaps, I used an old cardboard box with my holly carburetor spring poking out for the ride symbol. My neighbor Ryan (a.k.a. Rhyno) heard me drumming and came over with his bass guitar...

That crusty pile of lovingly beat-down drum kit lasted exactly one month. I had effectively drummed what remained of it right into the ground. It changed my life. Shortly afterwards, I upgraded my drum kit... We began to play everyday. And as time became itself, more members of Derrellz began to appear.

Soon after our first session, Anim8 arrived, and and Two Abes, Big D, Jacksonelli and --and a cast of other amazingly talented musicians that would become a whirlwind of musical energy... Today, the music is still thriving, better than ever, and finding new places to explore!

Improvisational music is at the heart of our shared experiences. Thanks for listening loud. 


    •    Kalieb - keys, bass
    •    O P - drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals
    •    Julio - guitar, bass
    •    Simsha - drums, vocals, keys
    •    Abe knowham - vocals, bass
    •    Big D - guitar, bass, keys, vocals
    •    Rhyno - bass, keys, vocals
    •    Highroad Jacksonelli - bass, guitar, keys, vocals
    •    Anim8 - guitar, bass
    •    Poppin Fresh - vocals, keys
    •    Kipp Crawford (RIP) - drums, bass
    •    Papa Kieth Liddy - guitar
    •    Mando Danny - mandolin
    •    Tiny Jerret - drums
    •    Howard Rose (RIP) - guitar
    •    Chef John - guitar
    •    Tetrad - stand-up bass
    • Golias - guitar
    •    Dr Goliard - dj, mix
    •    Eli Lieberman - guitar, vocals
    •    Bangerberg - vocals
    •    Beer Girls - keys, vocals
    •    Burrill - keys, vocals
    •    Bender - vocals
    •    Gabe O - vocals
    •    Segway Chris - guitar
    •    Simon Martin - drums
    •    Indian Jim - vocals, percussion
    •    Trippy Nick - bass
    •    Hemo - guitar
    •    Yahu - hand drums, kaval
    •    Clockmaker - guitar
    •    Rob Bachyielder - drums
    •    Forrest -guitar
    •    Matt - guitar
    •    Rob - guitar