about simeon

a life of creativity


I’m a hand’s on creative director and intuitive visual artist producing digital projects with original photographic content, made in-studio and at remote locations. I work with Squarespace as a base of design and web operations. This powerful combination provides a seamless set of administrative permission layers and design tools, that are easy for teams to iterate their collaborative roles within.

My work is with businesses looking to stay relevant by creating and maintaining modern and beautiful responsive websites that clearly articulate brand and purpose driven design. Where landing pages and everything else internally and externally are built around brand standards.

The opportunity to extend brand awareness and create sentiment vibe, can be served well, by harnessing the power of Squarespace’s social media and blog publishing engines. This enables creative teams to shine, telling brand story with superb content distribution, while building value toward conversion.

I was a magazine photographer for years, where I was sent to shoot stories for covers, or features, and advertisements. Essentially it was a few great shots that would make it into the final edits, and certainly the whole story was often left untold.

When I began working digitally in 1996, I learned Photoshop 2 on my brand new Apple Macintosh 9500/180MP. Scanning my 35mm film on a flatbed Agfa and Nikon. I was completely hooked.

Today, I photograph digitally and still operate like I’m shooting film, in that I’m efficient and don’t waste images to achieve quality usable content for projects. I work with global and domestic brands on SaaS platforms to skillfully influence viewer sentiment, through modern web based visual design—aimed at building deeper value for companies and consumers.


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