about simeon

a life of creativity


I’m an intuitive visual artist producing original photographic content, in-studio and in remote locations. I work with Squarespace as a base of design and web operations. This powerful combination provides a seamless set of tools that I use to create and maintain websites, blogs and other down range deliverables.

I was a magazine photographer for years, where I was sent to shoot stories for covers, or features, and advertisements. Essentially it was a few great shots that would make it into the final edits, and certainly the whole story was often left untold.

When I began working digitally in 1996, I learned Photoshop 2 on my brand new Apple Macintosh 9500/180MP. Scanning my 35mm film on a flatbed Agfa and Nikon. I was completely hooked.

Today, I shoot mostly digitally and still operate like I’m shooting with film, in that I’m efficient, intentional and don’t waste images. I work on SaaS platforms to bring clients my brand of creative visual lifestyle for products and services in marketing, decor and mass media.


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